REVIEW: Misadventures – Pierce the Veil

Misadventures is Pierce the Veil‘s long awaited fourth album which finally dropped last month. The album has had a pretty great reception so far. Rocksound hailed it ‘the hottest album this summer’, and Alt Press gave it a pretty stellar 90/100.

The story of why this album took two years longer than planned is pretty well circulated now, but for those of you out of the loop the TL;DR is this; the music for the album was written while the band were touring. Vic then went off to do his thing while traveling alone which apparently his usual process, but found himself struggling to find the right words. Not wanting to sell the band short he took a little more time, fell into a few misadventures while roaming around but eventually got the job done.

It’s a pretty great album. Undoubtedly, the three tracks released as singles (The Divine Zero, Texas is Forever, and Circles) are the three strongest both lyrically and musically.

There’s a satisfying mix of guitar-fuelled, screamy post-hardcore and the kind unique, gentle ballads we were treated to with the likes of Kissing in Cars, Stay away from my friends, and Hold on till May.

The band have stuck pretty much their usual sound, and the album is quite reminiscent of both Selfish Machines and Collide with the Sky. But imo this album hasn’t really done anything too new or daring. But there was nothing wrong with the band’s trademark mix of high vocals and thrashing drums. So if it’s not broke, why fix it?

Misadventures doesn’t really sound like it took almost four years to make and produce. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a fucking solid post-hardcore album. Is it going to revolutionize post-hardcore? No. But it’s still one of the best albums released this summer.

Rating out of ten:

My fave track:
Floral & Fading


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