NEWS Round Up: Apple Patents could block cameras at gigs

Apple patent new technology to block the use of recording equipment on their products during live events.

The infrared signal to disable cameras would be at the venues digression so it would be up to the venue hosting, or band playing to decided whether to use it or not.

This is a fairly controversial proposal, but it’s only theoretical atm.

What’s your opinion? Would you prefer not to have your view blocked by peoples phones or do you like to have a photo to remember a gig by? As a musician, would you want this used while you were playing?


Twenty One Pilots hold the highest three positions on Billboard’s Top Rock Songs chart. I guess TOP really live up to their name.

21P’s newest single Heathen’s is currently number two, followed by Stressed Out.

The single Ride from their latest album Blurryface is number one.

andy hurley

Fallout Boy‘s drummer Andy Hurley has announced a new band.

Sect is a straightedge, vegan, hardcore band whose debut album Deathwish is out in August.

So what does this mean for Fallout Boy? Well, probably not a lot giving that they haven’t released a statement and Hurley is in another band as well.

I Prevail release the first single off their new album, Lifelines.

The single, Scars was the first song written for the album and apparently set the tone for the rest.

Check it out below.

Finally, AFI have confirmed a new album.

The band didn’t want to mention a date or type of sound in their interview with Aggressive Tendencies, so all we really know is; there’s definitely an album coming. Sometime.


One thought on “NEWS Round Up: Apple Patents could block cameras at gigs

  1. I’m torn between wanting to be able to take a photo of an event to remember it by and not wanting to be stood behind someone filming the whole thing on their phone/iPad. I’d be happy if more venues recorded the night or had venue photographers you could get the photos from for free if you wanted them. Then you could be in the moment at the gig and have something to remember it by afterwards


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