My Music Month: June

June has been a pretty average month weather-wise here in the UK, but that hasn’t stopped the people of this island busting out their shorts and BBQs and pretending it’s the Canaries. I’m guilty as charged of this too, and my taste in music has followed suit. So here’s what I’ve been really loving this month;

Most played album(s) this month:

I’ve been trying to channel any kind of summer feeling this month with Panic! at the Disco’s Death of a Bachelor. It’s a real party album and as more pop than punk album it’s pretty great for BBQs and the beach.

Another album I’ve been feeling is Walk The Moon‘s Talking is Hard. It’s not really punk, it’s barely even pop punk, but it is super summery. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have completed university if it wasn’t for this album so it really deserves it’s place in this post even if it isn’t that heavy.

Favourite Songs:

My favourite song this June has been the unbelievably beachy L.A Devotee, from Death of a Bachelor.

On the other end of the music spectrum, My House has also been a frequent flyer on my most played. This is such a passionate and empowering number, it’s got to be one of the best from White Noise.

Downloaded this month:

Obvs, the main thing I’ve downloaded is PTV’s Misadventures which is a great mix of post hardcore and stripped back ballads.

And of course, the two new ADTR songs from Bad Vibrations have gone straight to my itunes. I’m so excited about this album, because fuck as these two songs promising.

It’s been a really hectic month so I’ve not had time to really explore any new bands or venuea, or hit any gigs so hopefully next month’s round up will be a little more colourful.

What were your favourites from this month? Comment below or tweet @poppunkmum to let me know.


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