REVIEW: California – Blink 182

Let me preface this by saying I’m not exactly the biggest Blink 182 fan. I love their odd banger like Feeling this or Always and like every former emo kid who played drums, All The Small things was the first song I learnt. But I don’t exactly have their entire discography on my itunes. In fact California may be their first album I’ve ever listened to all the way through.

And it was okay. I mean of course it was more than okay, it knocked Adele of the bloody UK album chart but it was definitely okay.

I was expecting to be absolutely blown away and wondering why I had let myself miss out on such musical genius for so long but instead I found myself just sort of nodding along and then getting a little bored somewhere after Los Angeles which is apparently only track 4 of 16.

Although, Built This Pool is now my new favourite song.

The album is generally a fairly decent mix of nostalgic pop punk and slightly more modern pop punk. A few of the tracks are fairly indistinguishable from their earlier stuff, but as there was nothing wrong with their earlier stuff it’s not really a problem.

A few of the tracks, like She’s Out of Her Mind, still had that ‘teenage boy who doesn’t understand girls’ kind of vibe which felt a little jarring against the obviously-a-grown-man vocals and nostalgic ‘remember the 90s?’ tracks.

But overall, it’s a fun and inoffensive pop-punk albums and that’s always something this scene can benefit from. It’s pretty nice to have Blink back. I’m probably not going to go an download their entire discography though. I probably won’t even download all of California.

Let this be a lesson to you kids, never get excited about stuff. It’ll just ruin it for you when it inevitably turns out to be just be okay.

Rating out of ten:

My fave track:


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