NEWS Round Up: Cute is What We Aim For anniversary tour

Cute is What We Aim For have announced a 10 year anniversary tour, celebrating their album Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch.

The album, which was released in 2006 debuted at no.75 in the billboard top 200.
cute is what we aim for

Corey Taylor, lead vocalist of Slipknot, has been filmed knocking a mobile phone out of a fans hand at a gig.

The video appeared on the band’s official Facebook page at the beginning of this week.

Luckily, the concert goer seemed to take the incident pretty well. I’ll probably be writing a post about this later this week, discussing the controversy of phones at gigs so stayed tuned for that.


The 1975 have also announced a studio tour this week.

The four piece band released seven new tour dates including in Liverpool and Bournemouth (where I got tickets for, yay!) after high demand following the announcement of their one off London show.

For a full list of venues, click here.


Tom Morello, from Rage Against the Machine, has called for more activism in music.

Writing in the LA Times, Morello said, “dangerous times demand dangerous songs.”

What do you think? Should music have a political message or should that be left to the politicians and activists? Comment bellow or tweet @poppunkmon


Finally, an 82 year old who covered Drowning Pool’s song Bodies on America’s got Talent has joined them on stage.

The band extended an invitation to the retired space engineer, John Hetlinger, after seeing his performance.

Check it out his audition below:



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