News: My Chemical Romance break our hearts AGAIN

For one brief, burning, beautiful moment earlier this week My Chemical Romance was The Red Woman and Emo was Jon Snow.

The weird-ass year that is 2016 was about to be turned on its head by emo being revived in blaze of glory as MCR uploaded a cryptic video to their twitter and fans noticed their break-up tweet mysteriously missing.


Surely a re-form was immanent? Shares in eyeliner doubled in value. Manic Panic staff waited with baited breath.

But it was not to be.

My Chemical Romance built us up and destroyed us in what has to be the most savage maneuver of this year. After the understandably excited response, the band announced this on twitter:


It has been three years since MCR disbanded and this year sees the tenth anniversary of their iconic song, The Black Parade. Which is apparently what all this fuss turned out to be over.

I guess all we can say is, we’re not o-fucking-kay.


One thought on “News: My Chemical Romance break our hearts AGAIN

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