NEWS: MCRX What’s really happening?

Flash back three weeks. You were probably freaking out because Twitter was ablaze with rumours that My Chemical Romance were getting back together.

The group, who disbanded in 2013 for…reasons, uploaded a cryptic video to their twitter featuring the Black Parade intro and the date 9/23/16.

Obviously, everyone lost their shit with even the whiff of the promise that emo was back with vengeance.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 02.20.49


In fact, you all went into such a melt down that My Chemical Romance had to release a statement outlining that they would definitely NOT be getting back together, like ever.

Well, people were not pleased and made it clear that they felt lead on by the band.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 22.46.43

A week later it became clear that the princes of emo would be reissuing a deluxe version of the album on the 23rd of Sept as a 2xCD, 3xLP set.

Find out the full details of here.

But the mystery still wasn’t over with Rock Sound posting on their site yesterday that they also had exciting news involving MCR and that all would be revealed today.

And here it is.

To Celebrate the tenth anniversary of one of the greatest emo albums of all time, Rock Sound and My Chemical Romance have teamed up with a host other bands including Twenty One Pilots and Asking Alexandria to re-release the album in full. But here’s the twist, MCR won’t actually feature on it at all.

Check out the line up here:

01. The End. – ONE OK ROCK
02. Dead! – Escape The Fate
03. This Is How I Disappear – Creeper
04. The Sharpest Lives – State Champs
05. Welcome To The Black Parade – Crown The Empire
06. I Don’t Love You – Moose Blood
07. House Of Wolves – Palisades
08. Cancer – Twenty One Pilots
09. Mama – Ghost Town
10. Sleep – New Years Day
11. Teenagers – Against The Current
12. Disenchanted – Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
13. Famous Last Words – Asking Alexandria

What are your thoughts about the anniversary album? Tweet @poppunkmum to let us know.


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