TOP 7 minimum effort pop punk Halloween costumes

The most important holiday of the year – Halloween – is fast approaching, so it’s time to get your costume together. Here are 7 music videos to inspire your creepy creativity. They’re all super easy to put together and can definitely be done on a budget. All of these costumes can be unisex, if you feel like it.

1) Sugar we’re going Down – Fall Out Boy

Don a red knitted cardigan, and glue some twigs to a headband (Or, make some out of paper mâché if you’re more creative) and boom you’re done. Maybe carry some sugar if your friends are less pop-punk inclined.

2) The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance

Get a military style black jacket, gloves, some pale AF foundation, and a bit of black eyeliner and you’re good to go. Bonus points for temporarily dyed white hair.

3) What’s my age again? – Blink 182

Grab a standard nurse’s uniform and add some blue eye shadow and gloves. Red bra optional.

4) I Write sins not tragedies – Panic! At the disco

There’s two ways of going about this one; you can either get a standard ring masters costume and add a top hat, cane, and smudged eyeliner. Or, get hold of a red military jacket and other ingredients separately. Warning: This outfit may be misinterpreted as your standard ring master.

5) Car Radio – Twenty One Pilots

If you wanna go seriously low effort, put on a balaclava and paint some rings around your arms with eyeliner/body paint for a 5 minute TOP get up.

6) It Remembers – Every Time I Die

This one is pretty niche, but even if no one gets it, it’s a cool costume. Wrap some medical bandages around your head and throw on some mirrored glassed and stetson hat. Fill a syringe with water and pink food colouring for an extra touch.

7) Came Out Swinging – The Wonder Years

The truly classic Halloween costume. Cut out some eye holes in a sheet and you’re good to go.

Of course, the most low maintenance pop-punk inspired costume is to sharpie “I hate this town” on a white t-shirt and throw a check shirt over top.

Have any of these videos inspired you? Let me know in the comments or tweet @poppunkmum


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