GIG Review: Catfish and the Bottlemen

Opening to The Beatles Helter Skelter, CatFish and the Bottlemen‘s Bournemouth arena tour had all the vibes of a vintage indie rock show.

The Welsh quadruplet played a gig stripped of the pyrotechnics and backing videos, with all the focus on the music.


Playing all fan favourites including Seven, Cocoon, and Pacifier, Catfish also indulged the audience in a wide selection of tracks from their first and second album.

The band sounded almost spotless live. The vocals were solid and apart from one small technical glitch and so were all the instrumentals.

They also fostered an incredible atmosphere. One thing that was missing was any crowd engagement beyond a curt ‘thank you’ or the occasional ‘how are you all feeling, Bournemouth?’


There was a good use of silence to amp the crowd up and the minimal pauses between tracks meant there was no lull in the pace.

The place was sold out and it was obvious everyone there was feeling it, including the band. An awesome show from a group who are starting to dominate the indie scene.

Visit @poppunkmum for videos from the night.

Video credit: Ben Skinner


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