My 2017 Gig Wishlist

In partnership with, I’ve put together a list of the top seven bands and musicians I’d like to see live in 2017. Some of these bands have already confirmed tours for next year, some I’ve just got my fingers crossed for. How many of these guys are on your list?

7) A Day to Remember
This post hardcore group would feature a lot higher on my list if I didn’t already have tickets to see them in January. One of my favourite bands live, this group were Alt Press’ Best Live Band in 2015. This year, they participated in many people’s dream line-up, touring with Blink 182 and All Time Low.

6) Bastille
Touring in 2017 with their long awaited second album Wild World, the indie-pop giants are eagerly anticipated by their cult following. Described as “awe-inspiring” live by NME, Bastille are a key-player on my wishlist.


5) Bring Me the Horizon
Last year, BMTH, smashed their arena tour with their 5th studio album That’s the Spirit. At the moment, they only have 2017 tour dates planned for America, but you can keep up to date with announcements here.

4) Green Day
Not a band I’d ever really thought about wanting to see live, until they began to be so vocal about Trump. But having been reminded of how influential this band has been on the punk scene, I would be very excited to see them live. At the moment, the punk trio only have two dates in the UK next year, but you can keep up to date here.

3) Every Time I Die
Every Time I Die are also touring their newest album Low Teens. Although the band has a loyal following and are also growing in popularity, they’re still an affordable night out.

2) The Wonder Years
Although there haven’t been any rumours of new music, these pop punk veterans do have a few UK and European dates lined up for early 2017. There’s only four dates at the moment, which you can find here.

1) Beartooth
A band I only really got into this year following the release of their second studio album Aggressive. The four-piece metalcore group have few dates left at the end of this year, but haven’t yet announced anything for 2017, so I’ll have to wait see if I get a chance to watch my new faves next year.

Who’s on your list? Let me know your dream 2017 tour line-up by commenting or tweeting @poppunkmum. Remember to check out to see if they’ve got listings for your faves.


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