UNSIGNED Band of the Month: The Dystopian Project

This month, In Punk We Trust caught up with Dublin based prog-rock group, The Dystopian Project. With rich vocals reminiscent of Amy Lee, and tight riffs, it’s only a matter of time until this group blows up.

Line up:

Drums: Darrin Bell  21

Guitars: Phil Dolan, 21

Guitars & Vocals: Hytham Martin, 21

Vocals: Tess Muldoon, 21

Bass Vocals: Ivan O’Sullivan, 21

How did you come up with your name?

Our name is inspired from the lyrics of one of our own songs off our debut EP. The song is called Dystopian. We had a few names previous, but none seemed to stick or speak to us. So we looked in and it kind of just came to us.

Whats the alt scene in Ireland like?

The scene is very vibrant. There are many acts here and there is always somewhere to see someone playing.

What’s your dynamic like as a band?

The band room is a very open place creatively, all ideas are welcome and are given full attention and thought. Some stick, some don’t, but we try every avenue because ideas and inspiration can come at any time.

Is it hard to find time for your music?

TDP: Like most unsigned bands, we all have day jobs and families so finding time for TDP is tough, but it’s somehing we love doing. We set aside nights and days for what we do and everyone in our circle is very supportive what who we are and what we are trying to achieve.

Where do you practice most?

We have our own writing and recording space here in Dublin where we practice every week and also have recorded both our debut EP and upcoming follow u EP. Because we are not bound by studio time restraints that come with paying or a recording studio, we can take our time and get things exactly right.

What inspires you the most?

We really go from the gut. We always try to be as creative as possible and above all enjoy what we do. If we don’t enjoy it, then what’s the point? So enjoyment and fun is what drives us to create the music we do.

What’s your writing process?

We write as a team. Ideas are brought it and we play about with them. In some cases near complete songs are brought in and they are built upon, sometimes even changed completely. But we have a rule, there are no bad ideas. It’s very freeing that way and everyone can express how the feel it should go, and trust others to drive the direction of a particular song.

What can we expect from you in the future?

We are excited to release our new EP, Paradigm early next year. It contains our most ambitious song yet, a 20 minute three song suite called Utopian We spent a lot of time writing and recording this, and cant wait for people to hear it.

Where can we find you music?
We are up on Bandcamp, iTunes and we have our own YouTube channel.


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