MERCH to add to your Christmas list

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. So, if you’re struggling to put together your list for Santa, here is my topic of top-notch merch you’ll want to find under your tree. All these items are available to ship in the UK, and there’s prices to suit everybody’s budget. What are you putting on your list this year? Comment below or tweet @poppunkmum

1) PVRIS Flowers Sweatshirt £20
This unisex jumper would make a perfect gift for any sibling or partner or…you.


2) A Day To Remember – Golden Eagle Hoodie £34.99
With so much A Day to Remember merch out there, there’s plenty to choose from to keep any fan happy. But you can’t go wrong with this old school Golden Eagle emblem hoodie. Perfect for staying punk in the cold weather. There are also Women’s sizes available for the same price.


3) Of Mice and Men – Draw string backpack £10.99
If you’re looking for an affordable gift for a friend, this practical drawstring bag a great choice.

4) All Time Low – Wrist Band £4.99
A cool little stocking filler for any pop punk fan. Why stop with just All Time Low? Nearly every band out there has an inexpensive wristband that can be slipped under the tree.

5) Bring Me The Horizon – Backpack £50
As the most expensive item on the list, you may need to stay on Santa’s good list if you hope to be unwrapping this awesome backpack Christmas morning – but we think it’s worth it.

6) Fall Out Boy – American Beauty Coffee Mug £8.99
Does anything go better together than coffee and pop punk?

7) Paramore – Photo collage Notebook £8.99
Finally, something to appease all the aspiring writers/artists in your life who also love pop punk. At a very reasonable £8.99, it’s a great essential for starting the new year at school.


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