UNSIGNED Band of the Month: Nightlives

Having only released their first single earlier this year, NightLives have already been performing live and planning on releasing a second single in 2017. In Punk We Trust caught up with the Cardiff based electro-punk group just before Christmas to find out how their first year together has been.



Current line up:

Dafydd ‘Taf’ Richards – Vocals and electronics, 22
Ryan James – Guitar, 21
Caleb Priday-Jeremiah – Drums, 20


How long have you been a band?

Ryan: Officially we’ve only been a band since the start of October 2016, but we have been writing the songs together for about half a year now.


How did you all start playing together?

Ryan: Me and Taf lived together for a year and I started stepping in for his band who were without a guitarist at the time. When our old bands split up, me and Taf started jamming some song ideas together and it progressed naturally from there.
Taf: We found that there was a really natural chemistry with the way we were writing that we just had to take forward into a new band.

What’s the craziest thing to have happened at a gig?

Ryan: Well we’ve only played two live shows so far, but I’ve already managed to trip over Taf.                  Taf: He hit the floor mid song and still didn’t miss a note.


What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?

Taf: A bag of toothpicks, which is at least useful I guess.


What influences your music the most?

Ryan: We have a wide range of musical influences from Rage Against the Machine and Enter Shikari to… Taf: Pendulum, Muse, My Chemical Romance, you name it. Our individual musical tastes are broad and I think that shows through in our music in subtle ways.

What’s your favourite moment as a band so far?

Ryan: Whenever Caleb stops talking. Those are rare, but great moments.
Taf: That and the release of our first single Tierra Muerta, which went live while we were queuing for a ride in Thorpe Park.

What’s next for you guys?

Taf: We have a new single written and ready to record in the new year, which we are very, very excited about.

Check out NighLives facebook and twitter to keep up to date with all their future shenigens.



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