REVIEW: Amen 2 – Mikko Joensuu

Amen 2 is Mikko Joensuu second album in a planned trilogy exploring a very grandiose theme: There is no God.

Having grown up in a devoutly religious village in Finland, Amen 1 tackles Mikko’s sorrow and confusion at his current framework for reality dissolving.

Amen 2 is a decidedly more joyful album as Joensuu comes to terms with his atheism and begins to appreciate the beauty of the world around him without the need for a religious explanation.


And what an ode to beauty this spectacular album is. Meandering through the long soulful opening tracks of Drop me Down, Dying Rain, Golden Age of Landlow, and I Gave you all, exuberant and elongated songs such as Sunshine, There Used to be Darkness, and What have I Done, then bring the album to a wonderful close.

Evoking visuals of walks through ethereal, frosty winter mornings, the tone of the earlier tracks is then transformed mid-album to conjure blooming, Spring vibes which bolsters the mood of new birth this album celebrates.

Mikko’s deep voice is reminiscent of the late-great Cohen, Nick Cave, and even has hints of Bon Iver and M83. The lyrics are moody and vivid, with refrains such as “There’s a hole where there used to be the sun// what have I done? What have I done?” and “There used to be a darkness in my soul// but it ain’t there no more” interlaced with pop-esque synthetic beats and stunning, winding crescendos.

“There used to be a darkness in my soul,  but it ain’t there no more”

If you’re looking for the best way to get your 2017 off to a good beginning, adding Amen 2 to your album collection is good place to start. As one of the best indie-folk albums to come out of 2016, Amen 2’s dramatic and joyous vibes are the perfect way to counteract January boredom.

Rating out of ten:

Fav track:
There used to be Darkness


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