TOP 5 Queer Women to add to your Playlist

It’s LGBTQ+ history month here in the U.K, so for the whole month In Punk We Trust is going to be dedicated to amazing, Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Pan, Nonbinary, Queer, and all other folks who fall under the gay or queer banner, who make music. To kick things off, here are 5 bands fronted by awesome queer women.

5) Christine and The Queens
Best know in the U.K for her song Tilted, Christine (her stage name) is a bundle of self-identified pansexual energy, whose art combines dance, spoken word, and synth pop. Most of her music is explicitly queer, discussing topics ranging from gender identity to her love for her wife Stella.


4) Blondie
Fronted by openly bisexual singer and actress, Debbie Harry, Blondie made a big splash in the 80s for combining new wave and punk. The band made it bigger after their album Parallel Lined exploded onto the scene, the most famous song of which is the now iconic Heart of Glass.


3) Gossip
Even if you think you don’t know gossip, if you’re from Britain you definitely do. They’re song Standing in the Way of Control was used in Skins promos. Front by self proclaimed “fat, feminist, lesbian”, Beth Ditto, Gossip (formerly The Gossip) are an indie rock band, with Tina Turner-esque vocals and a sound best described as…being used to sum up Skins.


2) Against Me!
Coming out as trans in 2012, front-women Laura Jane Grace has since been involved in several projects to promote awareness of trans issues, co-founded a charity to raise money for homeless LGBT youth, and made her own recorded label, including building a recording studio. All while still fronting the hugely successful hardcore band. Yeah, she’s pretty badass.


Will a day ever pass where I don’t talk about how much I Love Lynn Gunn? No. Identified as a lesbian, Gunn came out publicly in 2015, and told Newsbeat she felt it was important to be a gay role model “I never had someone to look up to and be like ‘oh that person is OK and they’re gay.’ If I can be that for someone then it’s why I’m open about it”.

Which queer female musician inspires you the most? Comment or tweet @poppunkmum


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