TOP 5 Gay, Bi, and Queer men in pop punk

Continuing the celebrations LGBTQ+ history month, here are 5 of the best gay, bi, and queer punk men to add to your playlists (if you haven’t already).

  •  Kele Okereke
    Better known as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of indie rock band, Bloc Party. Kele has been outspoken on the challenges facing anyone not white, straight, and even male in the rock music scene and on what it means to be a black, gay musician.
  •  Gerard Way
    Okay, so you obviously have some of this guys’ music on your iPod. It’s well-known by now that Way identifies as a gender-queer and says he identifies a lot with the female gender, although he still uses ‘he’ pronouns.
  •  Billie Joe-Armstrong
    Another singer whose music you’ve doubtlessly got on your playlists already, the lead singer of legendary punk band Green Day, is openly bisexual. The song ‘Coming clean‘, is about the singer getting to grips with his sexuality.
  •  Brian Molko
    Leader singer of the icon 90s alt rock band, Placebo, Brian Molko is famed for his androgyny, often wearing make up and sometimes skirts. Molko is also openly bisexual and has talked at length about his sexuality and penchant for cross-dressing.
  • Pansy Division
    Known as the first gay punk band, Pansy Division, formed because the musicians felt a disconnect between their sexuality and music taste; at the time the gay scene was dominated by pop music, and the punk scene was not a safe and welcoming space for queer folks. The band’s music focuses on gay politics, sex, and relationships.

Which queer band and musicains inspire you the most? Comment below or tweet @poppunkmum


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