NEW MUSIC: Feral Youth – Sugar

Feral Youth is a four piece alt rock band from Brighton, describing themselves  as ‘dreamy-grunge’. Their first EP Sugar, is release March the 28th and they gave In Punk We Trust a sneak preview.

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Feral Youth certainly live up to their name. Their first debut EP Sugar, is angry and lamenting in a dream-pop-meets-Nirvana kind of way.

Sugar is teenage angst as it should be. Angry rhythms and baselines meet deep, melancholic vocals to create something that wouldn’t feel out of place in those late, blurred hours of a house party but you could also yell along to it in your room.

The EP’s opening track Strangers is in intoxicately grunge, while Thirsty for More packs a heavier punch with biting guitar riffs and suspense building drum lines.

The EP is brought to a moody and howling close by Miles, a grief-stricken song railing against the separation of lovers.

The production on Sugar feels very high, but it still maintains it’s garage band charm. Overall, the instrumentals feel stronger than the vocals, but Sugar is a brutally strong start for this Brighton 4 piece.

Sugar will be out on March the 27th (I’ll be posting links on the IPWT twitter and insta, so you can’t miss it) and launched properly on April the 3rd with a party at The Joker Brighton – where entry is completely free.

Will you be heading out to The Joker on the 3rd? Comment below or tweet @poppunkmum


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