FOUR ways to support your local music scene


Every band started out in their parents basement trying to book gigs at the local pub and transporting their instruments to practice in the back of their mate’s Corsa. Without support, even the most talents bands are going to struggle to get the recognition they deserve. So how can you help to support your local music scene and discover some hidden gems in the process?

1) Turn up!
One of the best ways to support local music is to support the venues that host their gigs. Support with your patronage and show the venue how much you appreciate live music events by turning out, buying tickets and drinks.

2) Share, share, share
Help local bands get a bigger following by sharing their music, gigs, videos all over your social media. Hey, you could even start a blog about it….


3) Show them the money
The best way to support anything you enjoy and want to continue enjoying is to monetize it. Making music can be expensive, practice spaces need to be hired, instruments maintained, venues booked… the list goes on. If you want to help your unsigned favs, find out how you can contribute. Pay entry to their gigs or find out if they have a patreon page or any other way to donate. And of course, buy their music legally!

4) Volunteer your skills
A lot of work goes into getting fantastic music out their, and not all of it can be done by the musicians. Got Photoshop and a free hour? Offer to make a poster for their next gig. Volunteer to usher at an event or even do sound tech. Help them get in contact with press if you have the contacts.

How do you support your local scene? Comment below or tweet @poppunkmum


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