Priests to Pilots are a 4 piece UK pop-punk band from London. The group has just released their debut EP, Remember me, with Favour, which is available on spotify, itunes, and soundcloud.

Remember Me feels very reminiscent of Blink 183, characterised by vocal guitar leads and simple drums timings. The start of Hopeless, the final track of the EP, could be mistake for Blink’s California.

Each of the four tracks are easy to relax into, and don’t feel like like they need the time and effort to ‘get into’ that sometimes comes with finding new bands. Maybe because Priests to Pilots sounds so early 20oos pop punk, they feel like your secondary school favs, than something modern.

Priests to Pilots instrumentals are solid and show a lot of potential, and although the vocals are technically sound, they could use a little more force and passion. At times, the vocals get lost under the guitar, which takes away from the EP production value.

But Remember me is an EP full of skill and capability. Priests to Pilots may need to work on finding a sound unique to them, but when they get there, they definitely have the talent to make it something really memorable.


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