Unsigned band of the month: Feral Youth

April’s unsigned band of the month are the fantastic Feral Youth who gave IPWT a glimpse of their gorgeous, grungy EP Sugar earlier this month. I caught up with them again to chat about the recording process. Feral Youth has been playing together for just over a year and met through connections in Brighton, their hometown.

Current line up:

Harry, 21 – Vocals and rhythm guitar
Jonny, 20 – Lead guitar and backing vocals
Jess, 19 – Bass guitar
Georgia, 20 – Drums

Tell us about the EP’s conception?

The EP grew just by exploring our sound and how we work together. We also wanted to explore the dynamics in having more stripped back, minimal verses compared to huge, powerful instrumentals. We all have parts of each song that we could properly express ourselves musically and contribute our own ideas. At no point was it a case of one person taking full control – for every step it has been a group effort.

How long did Sugar take to put together?

The songs on Sugar slowly became part of our live set, taking place as the finale in the set. After many months gigging and rehearsing we refined them, before one intense day of recording.

What are you most excited about for your EP?

People finally hearing our music and being able to understand how we want to be heard.

What’s your dynamic like as band?

We’re all into different music and mixing it together becomes something cool. With writing, Harry comes up with the structure or Jonny or Jess writes a riff and then we all add the rest letting our personalities and influences leak in.

What do you guys like to do when you’re not playing/practicing?

We all work a lot. Georgia likes to go to the gym and video edit. Jonny likes going to gigs, making other types of music and charity shopping. Harry makes art and writes a lot, and Jess likes to read and go to gigs.

What would you say is your biggest challenge as an unsigned band?

Getting gig slots is always competitive and we constantly work to get more shows. It can be difficult because we’re trying to do all of it ourselves and relying on our own networking skills – this is particularly difficult when trying to branch out and get shows outside of Brighton, in new and unfamiliar places.

What motivates you as a band?

Receiving a positive response when we play a great show is the most exciting feeling. To feel that people understand what we are trying to convey is really special.

What are your plans for the future?

We want to gig as much as possible, and also try to play festivals, continue to write and record music. Our music is best in a live environment so we need to get out there as much as possible. We also have plans for a music video and a double single that we want to record over summer.

Anything else you’d to tell people?

Buy our EP please.

Check out Sugar on Spotify and follow Feral Youth on Facebook!

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