New Music: The Vinyl Reprise – Graffiti

The Vinyl Reprise are a four-piece indie rock band from Birmingham, UK. They started playing together in 2015 and have already established themselves in the Midland’s indie-rock scene. Their first EP, Graffiti, is available from May 26th.

You’ve already heard The Vinyl Reprised. Surely, your dad played them on a cassette tape when you were a kid while he showed you pictures of him in brown bell-bottoms, sporting a moustache.

Either that or they were in that 70s cop show where Kill Your Dreams was playing over a slow motion fight scene in a smoke filled room?

To put it shortly – they are deliciously 70s punk.

But there’s more to Graffiti than that. There’s layers of 90s grunge and an edge of something fresh that makes you sit up and listen.

Heavily inspired by the likes of Oasis, The Kinks, and The Clash, The Vinyl Reprisal have found their own britpop sound.

Graffiti is a 5 track EP, showcasing their slick instrumentals and dark, vocals. The vocals sound strained at times as the lead-singer struggles to maintain his Cobain-sque style.

The single Kill Your Dreams is the strongest track from the EP, with dark melodies, a catchy chorus, and interesting lyrics. Trash Talk is also a stand out song, fun, high energy, pure rock’n’roll.

Graffiti is a promising EP from a band who are already cementing their name into the UK’s live scene. Catch them at The Sunflower Lounge on May 26th to celebrate the EP’s release (available from their website from May 26th, and from itunes, Amazon, and Googleplay May 29th).

What do you think about Kill Your dreams? Comment below or tweet @poppunkmum


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