Lois Shearing is a freshly graduated journalism student from Bournemouth University, turned freelancer. She is always open for commissions and is currently based in Sussex.

She has been interested in alt music since stealing her dad’s Meatloaf CD at age 8, and her taste in music now reads like your average District lineup. A few all time favs include; A Day to Remember, Atreyu, Alexisonfire,  Every time I die, Fallout boy, Panic! At the disco, and Silverstien.

This blog is committed to bringing you top quality news, reviews, and opinions about alt music and it’s community, as well as discussing some of the issues within the scene and industry. This is an inclusive place for anyone interested in alt music and submissions about your experiences, negative and positive, are always welcome.

Lois also runs about blog about her passion for literature and poetry, which you can find here.